Battery Mark

What are the marking approaches of rechargeable batteries?
In accordance with IEC, the marks of nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen batteries must cover 5 elements:
1) Cell types: KR is designed for Ni-Cd, HF for Ni-MH, and HR for Ni-MH
2) Cell sizes: the diameter and height of cylinder battery, or the height, width and length of prismatic battery as well as numerical value should be separated by a solidus /. The unit is mm.
3) Discharge characteristic signs: L suggests that the rate of discharge is within 0.5C, M within 0.5C-3.5C, H within 3.5C-7.0C, X within 7C-15C high.
4) T is designed to mark high temperature cells.
5) Cell terminations: CF means connection-free; HH (head to head) suggests that cells with connection tabs on the cover and along the length in series; HB (head to base) means that cells with connection tabs on the cover and on the base in series.
For example: HF 18/07/49 means that prismatic Ni-MH cell, the width is 18mm,thickness is 7mm, height is 49mm.
KRMT33/62HH means Ni-Cd cell of the discharge rate within 0.5C-3.5C belong to high temperature system (connection-free) with 33mm diameter and 62mm height.

What are the marks and its meanings of OCEANSUN Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery packages?
In general marks are covered eight compositions:
(1) The number of cells
(2) Oceansun abbreviation
(3) Cell system: D for Ni-Cd and H for Ni-MH
(4) Cell type: AAA,AA,A,SC,C,D,F and others
(5) Sub model
("H" means high cap ,No "H" means flat cap,For prismatic cell, 6&8 are the sub models we will distinguish them by adding bar between them and nominal capacity)
(6) Nominal capacity
(7) Discharge rate
( S for standard cell, and P for strong current discharge required )
(8) Configuration code
( Code V , code H , code S , code Y, code Z , code T)

For example:
3 OS D -- AA 800 S T
(1) (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (8)
5 OS M -- SC 2200 P Z
(1) (2) (3) (4) (6) (7) (8)
4 OS M -- AAA H 800 S V
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

What are the marks and its meanings of Li-ion battery packages?
General marks are included five compositions:
For example:
L C 18650
Li-ion cell cylinder size (diameter18mm height 65.0mm)
L P 083448
Li-ion cell prismatic size ( thickness 8mm height 48mm width 34 mm)

What is the objective to pack and assemble cells?
1) Be beautiful to look at, trademark (design mark and brand tube);
2) Voltage limitation: combine batteries in series to get high voltage;
3) Protect battery: prevent battery from short-circuit and extend the cycle life;
4) Size limitation;
5) Ease to transportation( design of paper cabinet and paper box);
6) Especial function design, such as waterproof, especial surface design.


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